Split PDF

A complete conversion package to separate complete set of files into independant pdf files or pages.


An online pdf splitter allows you to split one page or whole set of pages from the given pdf file. The pdf separator is a simple, but highly best way to extract pages from pdf.

Why Bother Split PDF Pages?

PDF documents are challenging to modify, it doesn’t matter whether you need to combine, merge, or split pdf into multiple files. In fact, a section of pdf document can indulge extracting, and you should split pdf pages from the primary material. Another reason to separate pdf pages is that some of the pages get too large to send or distribute. So, there you can consider free pdf splitter to exclude the pdf pages that don’t matter.

Why pdf splitter by itspdf?

Read on!

Few-clicks separation process

The pdf separator will quickly divide PDF into single one-pagers, or even extract specific pages to form a new PDF files. Also, you can be able to add and extract pages from multiple PDFs simultaneously.

Secure PDF splitting online

You can read our privacy policy page to understand how important security and your privacy are for us. Once the tool completes its conversions, right after all the files permanently deleted from our servers.

Splitting PDFs on all platforms

What if you need to separate pages in pdf on mac, don’t worry more! This pdf separator will allow you to split a pdf on all operating systems including (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

How to split a pdf?

This splitter for pdf is the best way to extract pdf pages from the given pdf:

Step 1:

• Choose the pdf file or multiple files from which you want to split pdf pages

Step 2:

• Now, you need to enter the page ranges from the original file which you aim to include in each split file

Step 3:

• Hit the “split” button and lets the pdf separator makes splitting for the uploaded button


The pdf splitter provides you with fully-featured interface that allows you to divide a pdf into multiple one-page files, or extract specific pdf pages to form a new PDF document.