Use an online PDF to PPT converter to turn the PDF files into PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX ) slides effortlessly. Perform countless conversions without diminishing the structure of the content.

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Convert PDF files to PPTX Swiftly

The online PDF to PPTX converter lets the users perform the conversion in the blink of an eye. Simply add the PDF document to the toolbox and get your file converted instantly.


Change PDF to PPT Securely

Don’t be worried about the security of your files. This PDF to PPT converter highly takes care of user privacy. It never lets a third party access your uploaded or converted files.


Save PDF files as PPTX Free

Our free pdf to powerpoint converter lets the users perform unlimited conversions without charging any cost. Never asks the users to pay any kind of hidden charges.

How to Convert PDF to PPT Online?

Follow the below-listed couple of steps to turn pdf to ppt free:

Step #1: 

Choose or drag/drop or paste the PDF file into the toolbox of the online converter.

Step #2:

Now move the cursor and click on the “convert” button and wait a few seconds until the completion of the conversion.

Step #3:

Once the conversion is completed, click on the “download” button to export the converted files from the PDF to the Powerpoint converter.  


How do I convert PDF to PowerPoint free with multiple slides?

It is too easy with our free PDF to PPT converter as each page of the PDF file will be turned into the PPTX slides.

How to convert pdf to ppt free without software?

Use our PDF converter that allows you to make conversions for free without any software installation. 

How to convert a PDF to PowerPoint on a Mac?

You can use our online pdf converter to ppt to export PDF documents as PPTX slides on Mac or any other Operating System (Windows, or Linux etc).

Why Convert PDF to PPT?

It could be any reason that can compel you to convert PDF to Powerpoint slides such as for making presentation slides or to make the content editable to perform modifications. In this regard, an online PDF to Powerpoint conversion tool is very helpful as it lets the user perform countless conversions without getting registering or performing any signup. 

How do I convert PDF files to PPT on a mobile device?

Get the assistance of our platform-independent PDF to PPT converter free and perform the conversion conveniently by just making a couple of taps. 

How do I edit a pdf in powerpoint?

To edit pdf in ppt you should need to convert pdf a powerpoint. So, you can edit or move text, pictures, graphics, and elements.

Can I make changes to the PowerPoint file after it's converted?

Yes, PDF convert to PPT allows you to simply open your file in Microsoft PowerPoint for the web and edit away.

What requirements does the PDF to PPT converter online free need?

Users need a computer, internet connection, and browser(Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Bing, Linux) to use pdf to ppt converter online.

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