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An online image to text converter helps to extract text from pictures within seconds. No need for registration or any limitation to Extract text from images.

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Text copy from image free

This picture to text converter is totally free of cost. Users can perform multiple conversions without paying any charges.


Convert image to text Swiftly

The tool uses a powerful cloud server. It never gets slow even when extracting text from multiple files at once.


Files are Automatically Deleted

The photo to text converter never stores users' data on the server. Both input files and output text are permanently deleted after the conversion process.

How to copy text from a picture

Following these simple steps copy text from image.

Step #1:

Upload single or multiple files from your computer. Additional features such as drag & drop, Dropbox, and enter URL are also available.

Step #2:

Hit on the “convert” button of the image text extractor.

Step #3:

Preview the converted text, copy it to the clipboard, or save the text file on your computer by clicking the Download button.


How do I convert handwritten notes to text?

Click a photo of the note using your camera, then go to itspdf image to text converter. Upload the image, click the convert button, copy the extracted text, or download the file to your device.

What Types of formats Can Be Turned into Text?

The online pic to text converter supports multiple formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, JFIF, WebP, BMP, HEIC, HEIF, and PDF.

Can an online image to text converter extract multiple languages?

Yes, the image text generator allows users to extract text into all languages. This text from the image extractor can help you extract without trouble.

Can I download the extracted text in PDF format?

Yes, once the user grab text from image allows users to download text in PDF, Word, and HTML format. Text extraction from images further allows users to edit and share the information as per their desires.

Can I grab text from multiple images at once?

Yes, this img to text converter allows you to scan text from images in a batch process without any need to sign up or pay any hidden charges.

Can we turn image into text on all the operating systems?

This text extractor from image is compatible with all platforms. You just need only an internet connection and a device to open your browser (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Linux) and search itspdf image to text converter.

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