An accurate free PDF to word converter. The clear advantage of converting a PDF to Word is that you can easily edit the text which is not possible by using an online PDF editor and this is the main reason we offer an online, free, user friendly PDF to Word converter.

PDF to Word Online Free Converter

An online and free pdf to docx converter allows you to convert pdf document into an editable DOCX file within fraction of seconds.

Why to Convert pdf to docx?

PDFs are a great format, but until you notice a typo that requires changes or some fixing, which you want to make, but can’t. That’s the place where pdf into docx takes place. Yes, you can readily save your pdf files as an editable docx document, so you can easily make changes into it.

Why PDF to DOCX Converter by itspdf?

Our converter will quickly change the given pdf into the docx format without any cost. Let’s take a look further,


Quit worrying about the privacy of your files that you upload or download from this platform. The whole process of conversion by this pdf to docx is secure and all the files will be removed permanently after the conversions.

Editable DOCX files without losing format

Pdf to docx converter is the best solution to save your pdf files as an editable docx files without losing format. The tool provides you with the editable text files that you can be able to edit according to your needs.

How to convert PDF to DOCX Online?

Now, you can be able to convert .pdf to .docx within few steps, let’s find:

Step 1:

• Simply browse your pdf and upload it, also you can have the opportunity of uploading multiple pdfs at once and let the tool do the conversions on all of them

Step 2:

• Tap “Convert” button, the pdf to docx converter generates the docx file for the given pdf


How do I open a PDF document in Word?

You will need to open the pdf as a word file. To do this, you just need to turn pdf document into word file by using Google docs, or you need to simply export it into word by opening the document with the Word application.

How do I stop the auto-conversion of PDF documents to Word?

First, you need to make a right click on a PDF and click “open with”. Then, at the bottom, you need to mark the term “always use the selected program to open this kind of file.” You either choose the Adobe Acrobat Reader, or "Other programs". From now on, the PDFS will automatically open with the selected program.

How do I convert a PDF to .doc on a Mac?

You ought to click on “convert” button that is in the top right corner of the PDF element for Mac. Here, you will find a new window. Then, you need to click on “Add files” and choose “more files.” Now, you have to choose the format for Word, you can be able to save the output file as .doc or .docx.

How to Convert pdf file into word

Just follow the simple steps to convert your desired PDF file into a word document and they are as follows:

Step1: Click on the browser button and select the desired file from the System memory, You can select multiple files also from the browsing list or pressing (+) sign.

Step2: Press the convert button to convert them into Word form pdf

Your file will download automatically after conversion

Note: if your file doesn't download automatically, then please allow 3rd party cookies on your browser.


Thanks to this free and online pdf to docx converter that turn the given pdfs into docx format without any cost. If you are concerned to edit your pdf’s, then this tool is right for you!