PDF To Powerpoint/PPTX

A PDF to PPT conversion tool which makes your PDF presentation even more dynamic and allows you to make necessary edits right up to the last minute.


Use this free and online pdf to ppt converter that enables you to convert pdf to powerpoint presentation slides.

Why PDF to Powerpoint Converter By itspdf?

No doubt, pdfs are typically hard to edit, which is the thing that makes them great for retaining formatting, but not so great when someone need to edit or file conversion. But with itspdf you can easily view and edit pdfs as well as convert them to different other formats. In this page, we provides the free pdf to powerpoint converter online that helps to change pdf to ppt or pptx slides.

Convert pdf to ppt slides QUickly:

The pdf to ppt converter is the best way to convert pdf to pptx, remember that the generated PowerPoint presentation will retain its original formatting, which you can consider to revise and edit.

Safety Is First Priority:

We always care about your privacy – that’s the reason why all files are deleted from our server, once the conversion is done by this pdf to powerpoint converter.

Compatible with any operating system:

There’s no need to worry about OS as conversion from pdf to ppt works on all PC, it doesn’t matter at all which operating system you use.

PDF to PowerPoint in high quality:

In fact, PDF to PPT conversion is extremely tough! But thanks to pdf to pptx converter that helps us to transform any pdf file into editable PowerPoint presentation.

How to convert pdf to powerpoint

The steps for converting pdf into ppt (pptx) include:

Step 1:

• Click browse to upload your pdf, even the pdf to ppt converter provides you the best option to convert more than one pdf file into pptx at once (if required you can upload multiple pdfs)

Step 2:

• Press “convert”, and lets the pdf to powerpoint converter provides you the ediable powerpoint presentation slides for the uploaded pdf

Final Words

Thankfully, the conversions from pdf to ppt become handy with the natural assistance of this converter. No sign-up or registration required, just upload your file and get the top quality results.