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Reduce the size of any pdf using easy to use compress pdf feature with the perfect resultant pdf files.

Compress Pdf Online Free

The free pdf compressor online allows you to compress pdf file size within fraction of seconds. The pdf size reducer is the best way and safest way to shrink one or multiple pdf files. All you need to choose the pdf file and lets the compressor reduce size of pdf and provides you with the maximal pdf quality.

Well, this context packed with how to compress pdf and some crucial information that you should beware before performing a pdf file compression.

Why to reduce size of pdf?

PDF files can get pretty large, especially if a file added with lots of images and objects. If the created pdf too large, and maybe you are trying to email it, then it may takes too long to load, so here the place where you people need to compress pdf file size.

Even sometime people want more control over the elements of documents that are reduced in quality or removed. For these circumstances, you ought to get free pdf compressor online to shrink pdf.

Whatever your reason is, compressing the pdf file size is a straight-forward task regardless of what tool you are using. However, you can also able to reduce pdf files manually, but it depends on the specific dimensions you prefer.

How to Compress PDF Online?

Looking for the best way to reduce pdfs, then no need to look further on! With our free pdf compressor, pdf compressions become handy as it take couple of seconds for reducing file. We prefer to follow the given steps to get the best results from this pdf file size reducer:

Step 1:

鈥?Just you need to add the pdf file that you need to compress or reduce

Step 2:

鈥?There鈥檚 an option to add multiple file (if you need to do so click on (+) sign and upload the file and let the pdf file reducer do its work)

Step 3:

鈥?Finally, hit the compress button, then just wait for the compression to complete and download your compressed pdf


How do I reduce the file size without using third party software?

Remember that the 鈥淩educe File Size鈥?option does not exactly reduce the pdf file size. If you want to make it much smaller, then you ought to use the 鈥淓xport To鈥?option that allow you to turn the pdf to other image. Once it turned into image, just use the 鈥淧rint to PDF鈥?option that sends it back to PDF format. It not only much smaller, even the quality of file will be sacrificed. But, for convenience, you should give a try to the above online pdf compressor that assists you to compress pdf files in best quality.

Why is my PDF file size so large?

Generally, there are two reasons due to which pdf file size can be "disproportionally" large, they are:

鈥?First, when one or more fonts are stored inside the PDF file it makes the file size large. Remember that the fonts can be embedded exactly into PDFs. However, inserting a single font to a PDF document is the something that may increase file size by 400-600KB

鈥?Second, when you are using images for creating PDF file. It is experienced that the resolution and bit-depth of images highly affects the overall pdf file size

So, you could shrink pdf by using pdf size reducer and reduce any traps regarding pdfs loading!

Final Note

Thankfully, you explore how to compress pdf files less than a minute, this free pdf compressor online is the best and secure tool by itspdf.