Blog / Why PDF files contain large space and its solution

Why PDF files contain large space and its solution

Why PDF files contain large space and its solution

Have you ever tried sending a PDF but couldn't send it because it contains a large size. If so, you might be asking, "Why is my PDF so large?". In this blog, we will discuss the reason why PDF files are too large and how to reduce PDF file size. 

Why is my PDF file so large?

This is one of the most common questions when sharing a pdf document. The answer to this question depends on how a pdf file is created. PDFs are made out of a combination of fonts, images, text, graphics, and other elements. All of these components can affect the overall file size based on how someone created them.

  • Images

One of the main reasons for a bulky pdf file size is images. If you put pictures or illustrations in your document, they will make your PDF become too large. The size of the image increases the pdf size, especially if it contains high resolution. To reduce your PDF file size use low-quality resolution images. 

  • File Size

The converting file also impacts the final size of your PDF. Converting from an image(PNG, JPG) usually produces a larger file than converting a word file into a PDF.

Tips how to avoid creating a large PDF

Use vector graphics: Using vector-based graphics instead of raster-based graphics can make files smaller.

Remove fonts: Removing unnecessary fonts from a PDF file can make the file size smaller because some fonts take up a lot of space.

Compress pdf: 

You can always try to reduce the PDF file size using the pdf reducer. This conversion reduces the size of images and makes it easier for the recipient to download and open it. a compressor usually reduces file size by up to 50%.

Steps to shrink PDF:

  1. Open the online pdf compressor and click “add file” to upload the file from the device. Some additional features drag and drop and Dropbox are also available.
  2. Click on the convert button 
  3. After the conversion of your click on the download button 


  • Reduce your pdf file size with higher quality
  • Compress multiple pdf files at once time
  • No need to signup and any software installation
  • Files automatically deleted when process completed

Split pdf:

If you want to keep the quality of your pdf file, you can break it into smaller parts and share them one by one. Using an online pdf splitter tool is a great way to arrange your huge PDF document.

Steps to separate PDF pages:

  1. Upload your pdf file to the pdf breaker from your device. Additional feature dag and drop, and dropbox also available
  2. Click on the convert button 
  3. After converting your file showing in zip file, click on download button.


  • Share specific section of pdf file
  • Print specific pages from a PDF
  • Split pdfs easy to navigate 
  • Makes it simple to arrange files and share them easily.


Making your PDF smaller is quite simple, as you've seen. Just follow the steps, and you can easily shrink your PDF while keeping it good quality with all the important information. This makes it easier to keep your files organized and share them more effortlessly than ever!