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PDF Files Resizing - Process and Benefits

PDF Files Resizing - Process and Benefits

When dealing with PDF documents on mobiles and laptops, you must know how much storage the PDF files contain. To ensure the performance of your device, it's essential to learn how to reduce the size of PDF files. This article describes the best ways to reduce PDF size in just a few clicks!

How to compress a PDF file online

Reducing PDF files requires a PDF compressor to save device storage. Users do not need to install additional software or any particular app on their phone to reduce file size.

Here is a step to make the pdf file size smaller

  • Upload a PDF file using the "Choose File" button, drag and drop, or upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox. 
  • Click the "Convert" button to start the PDF file compression. The time it takes to reduce the PDF size mainly depends on the original size of the uploaded file. 
  • Once the conversion process is complete, click the download button to save the file on your computer.

Benefits of compressing PDF files

Fast Speed:

Compressing PDF files' main advantage is improving upload and download speeds. When PDF files are smaller, they take less time to upload to websites or send via email.

Email Friendly:

Email services often limit the size of PDF attachments. Compressing your PDF files ensures they stay within these limits, making it easy to share them through email.

Easy content shareability:

By using compression, it's possible to reduce the size of the PDF file without sacrificing quality or content. This optimizes the file for easy sharing of information. Especially with remote work becoming more common, employees must quickly exchange documents and access them outside the office. Compressed files use less memory space, making them easier to store for later access. 

Efficient Collaboration:

The compressed file allows collaborators to access, review and send them back quickly. On the other hand, large files take more time to upload, can slow down while passing through the network and are delayed when the recipient tries to open them.

Cost Saving:

The last reason for compressing PDF files on our list is cost saving. Compressing files can save both companies and individuals money by avoiding extra expenses on storage, bandwidth, and file-sharing tools. You don't have to pay for additional storage on your Google Drive or Dropbox or upgrade the storage of your PC. If you want to save the sortage space, you are adviced to compress the pdf files. Because if the files are not compressed they obviously consumed more storage and thus, you can save only a few file instead.


In conclusion, resizing PDF files through compression offers numerous benefits. It enhances upload and download speeds, facilitates email-friendly sharing, ensures easy content shareability and efficient collaboration, and significantly saves costs by avoiding additional expenses on storage, bandwidth, and file-sharing tools. Compressed PDFs online stay safe and secure, keeping your private information from leaking.