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Convert your excel files to PDF in order to make them presentable and easily understandable.

Excel to Pdf Converter Online Free

A free online excel to pdf converter allows you to convert excel (spreadsheet) xls, or xlsx to pdf. Now, no needs to worry more about how to save excel as pdf. Our online xls to pdf converter are securely encrypted, which ensure that all files including XLS, XLSX, and PDF files are harder to intercept.
Well, keep eye-contact with this context to understand how to convert excel to pdf online.

Why to Convert Excel to PDF?

Microsoft Excel is specifically used to create spreadsheets as it assists to organize data and make significant calculations. However, converting excel to excel to pdf makes it handy to share spreadsheet files with one another. For instance, a manager may need to share his/her client financial models or monthly reports. So, simply by converting xlsx to pdf, the manager makes convenient work for his/her client to receive and even print the file. Well, an online pdf converter by itspdf is good option to convert excel to pdf files within fraction of seconds.

Why itspdf?

Our free xls to pdf converter will converts excel spreadsheet into a pdf files very quickly, it doesn’t matter at all whether you want to convert XLS, XLSX, or another Excel file format. It’s not only provides you the ease of use, but Excel to PDF converter will allows you to converts Excel spreadsheet with tables & formulas to pdf perfectly. As mentioned earlier, our converter for xlsx to pdf using a strong encryption technology for security concern. Also, no registration required for using our tool.


There are quite a few reasons why you would want to convert your Excel file to PDF. Maybe your work needs to be converted to another format or you want to create a PDF for an existing file. Regardless of what you're trying to do, converting your Excel file is an easy task that anyone can do in seconds.

On the internet, there is a plethora of online tools and software that can be used to convert Excel files into PDF. Although there are many online tools and software available for this task, most of them require the use of third-party software that may or may not be compatible with your operating system but itspdf provides you a cross-platform and 24 hours free services to their users. On the internet, there are a number of online tools and software that can be used to convert Excel files into PDF.

How to Convert Excel to Pdf?

Follow these few simple and easy steps to convert xls to pdf with the assistance of this online excel to pdf converter. The online tool allows you to convert multiple excel files into a well-optimized pdf format, let’s take a look:

Step 1:

• Upload a file that you need to convert from excel to pdf

Step 2:

• If you need to convert multiple files from excel or xlsx to pdf format, then you have the option there (if not required, then move to step 3)

Step 3:

• Hit the convert button, wait for a while and lets the online xls to pdf converter do its works


What are the benefits of exporting an Excel workbook as a PDF?

When it comes to saving a spreadsheet as a PDF file, Excel (xls or xlsx) provides the options to save the entire workbook, specific or selection of sheets.

Why is my excel spreadsheet not save as pdf?

Quit worrying, it become easy to save excel as pdf with the use of online excel to pdf converter.

Few Words

The online xlsx to pdf converter is accessible via any device; you just need a stable internet connection to perform conversions.