An easy BMP to PDF conversion that will make your final image save in a perfectly oriented position.


A free online bmp to pdf converter that helps to convert BMP (Bitmap) image files to PDF (Portable Document Format). However, this online converter doesn’t reduce the quality of the converted file. It doesn’t matter at all whether you want to convert single or multiple .bmp to pdf extension as it supports to convert several files at once.

In this context we tell you about the best online way to convert bitmap to pdf, but let’s stick to some basic understandings.

Why Convert BMP to PDF?

No doubt, there are certain reasons why someone might need to convert convert.bmp to.pdf extension. In fact, PDF file extensions can support every single OS (Operating System). Whether you need to share a file to a PC, Mac, Android, or IOS, PDF is the format that can be opened from anywhere, without changes to the format. Apart from it there are several reasons that you might need to convert BMP files to PDF files, here we are listed few of them:


BMP (bitmap) is a raster graphics image files format that can be quite large, which make them slower to load and send. While, PDF files are already compressed that not only makes them quicker to load, but also easier to share and store. So, simply add the .bpm file into the bmp to pdf converter and share it within fraction of seconds.


You can see that PDF files are easier to modify means that they are easily edited, signed as well as converted to other file types.


PDF files come with a variety of functions that not at all completed with BMP files. However, PDFs allows you to spit, merge, and delete pages instantly without any hassle.

How to Convert Bmp to PDF?

Converting bitmap to pdf file becomes easy by using an online bmp to pdf converter. It is 100% free tool, there’s no registration, installation, or sign-up required, just follow the given steps to turn bmp file into a pdf file:

Step 1:

• First of all, you have to upload a bmp (bitmap) file that you need to convert

Step 2:

• You can be able to add multiple files to convert bmp to pdf at once (if required)

Step 3:

• Simply, hit the convert button to get the converted PDF file


When would you use a BMP file?

You can use bmp (bitmap) for any pixel-based images. No doubt, bitmap are huge files, but the upside is that they have no loss in quality.

Why are BMP files so large?

BMP is a raster image format that developed by Microsoft for the Windows OS and it is characterized by its large file sizes. When bmp file saved, they are not compressed and do not lose any detail, but they ca quickly take an adequate hard disk space.

Wrapping it up

The online bmp to pdf converter by itspdf is specifically created to perform conversions from bmp file to pdf file. It is the best free option for those who need to work .bmp to.pdf conversion process.